Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lost: The End

So after a very long time I am finally writing my review of Lost’s finale. Properly entitled: The End.

Why such a long wait. Many reasons. Firstly I’m in denial that it is over. Secondly there was no episode podcast that we did so I wasn’t in any deadline or anything. And thirdly. I procrastinated. Oh well. I am writing it.

First off the opening was very interesting with the coffin, certainly not the one I was expecting. It was great visually, but looking back on it now I don’t see what purpose it really served the story.

We had some great lines right off the bad that were star wars centric: “He’s worse then Yoda” and Hurley's “I got a bad feeling about this.” Awesome.

I did watch the titles and I saw that everyone was back for the finale, but I never did see Walt except in a flashback, which is I suppose why they had to credit him for the episode. I really wish he had been in it. I don’t see why they couldn’t have gotten him to do it. I mean he was an oceanic survivor. And unlike the guy who played Eko, who really seems like a jack ass now expecting way too much to get paid for this episode. I don’t think Malcolm David Kelly would have asked for that much money for it. What else is he doing? So if anyone else knows why he wasn’t in this episode I would like to know. We didn’t get a real good explanation on that one…and his mysteries are still unsolved. Why was he special? Wasn’t he supposed to be important to the story line? I would really like to know the answers.

Next we get the hilarious grouping of Hurley, Charlie and Sayid. Loved this scene, knife references. One awake person, one person with out a clue and one person only “half awake.” Loved it.

We next see Vincent, Rose and Bernard again, they saved Desmond. But once Anti Locke showed up I was for sure they were goners. That was perhaps one of the scariest moments of the whole episode.

Next we got the first moment where one of my theories was proven right: Richard was alive!
Back in alt world, Juliet is back! Yeah. And looking after sun which then causes Sun and then Jin to flash so that they can speak English now. It was a beautiful moment played on screen. We then learn that Juliet is David’s Mom! Knew it!

Another note on the alt world which I will continue to call the alt. world. Looking back I wrote a note during the episode that they do not schedule surgeries that fast. However knowing what we know now on that world, I will allow it and all other inconsistencies that we have seen to stand because of what the alt world is. Its odd to think that the inconsistencies that we saw before and the time differences actually make sense when we realize that the alternative world that we had been seeing was actually a world created by the losties minds. More on my thoughts on that later.

Desmond succeeds in the real world by pulling the Plug that turned off the light - but also made Anti Locke vulnerable - allowing Jack and Kate to kill him, but also started the destruction of the island.

This also seems to cause Richard to start aging. But since the light was turned back on does he stop aging? Or is it because there is a new leader??? I want answers on that one! Especially since I did not see him in the end scene. Did anyone else?

That light cave was very interesting With out the water it looked somewhat man made or at least some aspects of it did. And it seemed that maybe what we next saw was lava. Which seems to tie into the volcano on the island which me might have heard rumbling in this episode. There also seemed to be bodies at the bottom of the light cave which meant that people had been down there in the past. Whether they died or what happened I don’t know. But I’m now even more confused as to the identity of Smokey. I want to believe that MIB got turned into Smokey by going down there. But both Jack and Desmond went down there and they didn’t turn into smoke. Though Jack’s body did appear on a different side of the island.

We get the next moment when I was right: Lapidus was alive. Hehe. And he is all going to fly them off the island.

In alt world we see Shannon and Boone again…sigh Boone, Shannon and Sayid meeting causes them to flash, which is great, but I always thought Nadia was the love of his life?

We next get a mirror image birth scene at the back stage of a concert? Strange. Where Kate Flashes and then Claire and Charlie Flash. Loved this moment.

We next go into the ultimate Lost fight and my theory that Kate will be the ultimate hero is proven somewhat true as she is the one who kills smokey/mib.

Jack fixes Locke something he was trying to do in both timelines which causes Locke to finally flash. A really great moment for those two.

One of the best lines of the episode comes from Ben when he says: "If the Islands going down, I’m going down with it" The shippers get a moment next when Kate and Jack finally realize that they were made for each other, but it doesn’t last long. Looking back on this scene makes Jack kissing Kate in alt. world to wake up finally make sense, since she is the love of his life.

But the best “awakening” happens with Sawyer and Juliet who flash at the same time by touching each other; I really started crying at this moment. Very emotional since I missed their connection so much this season.

Jack decides to go back down the light cave to fix it Hurley’s face is amazing saying “I’m not going to let you die.” Then Jack passes it onto Hurley, which I was not expecting at all. My money was on Sawyer. Jack succeeds at making the light return and I still have to think that it all has to do with water. Ben is going to help Hurley in a Richard like role - did not expect that at all, but I like it

One of the most emotional scenes comes with the great moment at take off and Claire realizing she can be good with her and Kate leaving together to go take care of Aaron.

Ben decides to stay in alt reality - wants to reconnect with daughter and Danielle- I imagine him having his happy life with them and then crossing over

We finally then get an explanation of the alt. reality from Christian Shepherd. The alt reality is some type of middle place before heaven where they can find each other before crossing over as Christian says some die before some after. In the end their time on the island was one of the most important times for them. It defined who they were in the end. And they created this place to come to. Which I think is perfect. Some say it’s a cop out that they all died in the end. Earth to people…everyone dies in the end even you and me. And having this place I think is a great idea. All of the different symbolisms in the church were beautiful.

We get some Beautiful closure: Jacks eye closing at the very end, as the plane fly’s over the island leaving. I loved this ending, somatically it was beautiful and story wise everything came full circle with the final moments an almost shot for shot reversal of the series premiere.

My main theory did not come to play, with the Losties choosing where they got to live, because the alt reality was not what I thought it was. But I loved how it ended, it was unexpected, and had a lot of great symmetry.

I can understand how some are disappointed by lack of answers; I’m disappointed in that too. But I think if they had answered everything we would have been disappointed a lot more. In the end I really enjoyed this ending. It was entertaining. It will stand the test of time, and I think Lost will be looked back upon as a whole series and the finale as a classic. And anyone who says otherwise is Wrong.

Friday, May 21, 2010

What They Died For Review

The final regular episode of Lost and the first thing we come up with is…the series premiere?

A lot of mirror images this week especially to the series premiere, and especially when Jacob tells Jack that the heart of the Island was right behind where he landed and where the very first scene of the entire series was.

We first see Jack with a cut in the sideways world with a cut that he got on the island. As time passes the two are getting more and more connected. I just wish they had been this connected in the very beginning, I think would have liked them a lot more at the beginning of the season.

Back in the real world Kate finally brings up Ji Yeon, it’s about time someone did so. I don’t think her fate will be answered in the finale. But I’m glad someone at least mentioned her.

Next Desmond beats up Ben to make him see his flashes, which is interesting and something we should have all figured out from the beginning of Desmond’s quest. After all how many times has Ben been beaten up over the course of the series? Added to this apparently Henry Ian Cusiak got so into the beating up Ben scene he actually hit Michael Emerson giving him a black eye in real life. This can be seen for most of the episode even though it is covered up by make up. I love little stories like this in Lost.

Right after this we finally see again Ben, Richard and Miles and get the revelation that Richard buried Alex, which I thought was a very sweet motion. Another nice moment in all of this was Miles awesome line: “Well, I lived in these house 30 years before you did; otherwise known as last week.”

As well I loved to see Danielle back and it may seem like Ben and Danielle will get together in the sideways world and Ben will be a father to Alex, which would be interesting for the sideways world. Especially if my whole theory on choosing the reality you want to live in comes true on Sunday.

Next, we put C4 in a back pack…again. Seriously hasn’t anyone on this island learned anything about putting C4 in backpacks? It goes kaboom!

Of course almost right after this we find that Widmore is back on the main island, but not for long.

I found this weeks sideways story a lot more interesting then usual especially with all of the interactions of the characters. We seem to be racing to the end now, which is a very good thing. Desmond’s story line is the most interesting with getting himself arrested just so he could be near Kate, Sayid, and Sawyer. Then having Anna Lucia being the van driver that sneaks Kate and Sayid out of Jail with Hurley meeting them there to bribe out Anna Lucia. Who according to Desmond isn’t ready yet. Even though Hurley does recognize her.

It seems instead of the wedding we thought we were all racing to as the event that would get everyone together, it will be the concert that David is in that will bring them all together. Lets take count: Jack will be there, Jacks ex wife will be there, (Please be Juliet), Miles will be there, Sawyer will be there, Kate will be there, Sayid, Hurley and Desmond. Our main people, all in one place…except for Ben and John Locke. So will there be a way that they will get there?
Speaking of John Locke, alt Locke was saying a lot of stuff about fate in an awesome conversation with alt Jack very similar to season one conversations.

Back in the real world things get even more interesting. Especially when Hurley meets Little Jacob, awesome scene. And then Jacob goes and says “When the ashes burn out you will never see me again.” NOOO…I like Jacob. Then he goes and says: "Were very close to the end" - yes we are ---cry.

One of the next moments Richard gets thrown across the jungle my smoky…man I hope he’s alive. Ben then turns evil again – darn you Ben. And watches on the sidelines as Evil Locke kills Zoey in a horrible way by knife to the throat…ouch. Ben then kills Widmore saying: "He doesn’t get to save his daughter" ben - and off goes Widmore. ehh dont care. His story line was getting a little boring.

But one of the most interesting scenes came when it was revealed that all of the remaining Losties can now see Jacob. Which brought up my theory that was disproven, Jacob did in fact write the names on the wall. Where I thought that the cave was MIB’s and Jacob had the Lighthouse. I guess Jacob was just being obsessive compulsive.

Jacob then says in what made the highlight of my night that he made MIB the way he was. I WAS RIGHT!!!. MIB is Jacobs Brother and got turned into Smokey when he got thrown into the light cave.

He says to the Losties “"I chose you because you were all alone, and needed it." And while they protested, he was so right. All of them were alone and in that moment needed the island a lot. He also reveals why he crossed Kate’s name off of the list because she became a mom...if she wanted the job it was hers, dun dun dun - she is still in the running and still a good person. Which means everyone should love Kate as I do.

Jacob is giving them the choice where he did not, love that, Jack chooses it though which is what I thought might happen. Jack has to save everyone and help everyone. It is in his nature to do this. But I’m not sure if this new change will stick.

Over all I loved the Jacob scene, it is so unique, has so many great lines, answered a lot of questions and had a lot of great moments, that will stick with lost fans for a very long time.

In the end we learn that anti Locke wants to destroy the island…KNEW IT. But then we also come to the well again, and Desmond is not there? So how did he get out? Did someone help him out? My leading theory…Rose and Bernard. We haven’t seen them since the end of last season, and I miss them a lot.

So till Sunday, when the End really will come.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Across the Sea Review

Across the Sea may go down as one of the most debated episodes ever, and for good reason. We got even more questions over what Smokey and MIB are. As well as questions as to what time period we were in, and how early was the island inhibited, plus I have some serious questions for Jack and his medical skills.

The more I think about the more I realize that this was the ultimate filler episode. It filled us into the past of the island, and clued us into some of its mysteries like never before. a great episode, with some great performances by mark Pellegrino, Titius Welliver and Allison Janey aka CJ Craig from the West Wing in a performance that made you question whether the character was crazy or not. Since her character was just named woman, I am renaming the character Allison.

As many of you know I am obsessed with the time line, I believe it will ultimately reveal the true nature of the island and show what it is all about. Has the island always been special or did it occur at some time.
So of course the first thing I thought of when I saw Claudia shipwrecked on this island I began to wonder what timeline were we in. How early are we in the time line? According to lostpedia it is an unknown date. However going by the game that the boys were playing we were as early as 3500bc, which was when the game first started popping up. According to other sources we were Between 452 BC and 900 AD. This is a large area of time.

So were the Egyptians there before MIB and Jacob were born, or did they come after. And who were the people who came to the island with Claudia? According to Jeff Jensen from the language was Northern Highlands Sweedish, which I do believe, however Lostpedia says it is Latin. So what language was it?? Argh this bothers but I don’t know why.

One of the reasons why I liked this episode was because of Allison Janey who kicks ass, I never expected to see her on this show. I’m glad I wasn’t spoiled on her coming on the show, because it was a great surprise, but why did she have to kill Claudia?? Guess she just wanted the boys to her self. That being said we found out in this episode that Jacob and MIB are twins, which I think is a great twist. Allison says that MIB is special but Jacob isn’t why? Did Jacob have to drink the wine to become special?

That doesn’t sit right for me, because to me it’s always felt that Jacob has always been special. Also confirmation this week that the little boy that has been appearing in the forest is Jacob. Which is great, I thought it probably was all along. That says to me that ghosts or at least ghost Jacob can change his ghost form to what ever age he wants to appear as.

It was especially interesting when she said: "Dying is something you never have to worry about.” So does this apply to those people who succeed Jacob and MIB?
Another interesting thing that Allison says that Jacob can not tell a lie, that tells me we should always trust Jacob before MIB. But then again when have we ever trusted MIB?

It still bothers me that we don’t know what MIB’s name is, there were so many chances for them to give that to us, and they still haven’t. This is really starting to tick me off, everyone has a name so they can’t go with that route. We also found out that MIB built the donkey wheel, never saw that coming.

Next we come to the Light. Where is it on the island exactly and what is it exactly. Allison says it is the source, the heart of the Island. Allison says that “if the light goes out here, it will go out everywhere." So what makes the light go out? Does it go out if MIB leaves the island? That seems to make the most sense to me.
But the ultimate question of the light right now is. Did Jacob create Smokey? Or did Jacob release Smokey?

Ultimately my final say is that Jacob created Smokey. I say this because he put MIB in the light cave and Smokey came out. He took the form of himself, because his real body was dead. Anti Locke says that Jacob stole his body his soul. And in a way what happened in this episode is what Anti Locke described. Many things can be twisted to the truth for Anti Locke.

The other big reason why I believe this is because in the 1700’s Jacob and MIB were sitting on the beach, and re watching that scene I am more inclined to believe that it is Jacob and his dark brother. MIB wants revenge on his brother for killing him or doing something that lead to his death. Why else would he say “do you know how much I want to kill you.” So that is my final say, and as you know I am never wrong.

And finally the revelation that MIB and Allison are Adam and Even in our caves which is awesome, but how did they stay so well preserved? I mean they still had clothing and didn’t look over 2000 years old! After all Jack did say that he thought they were only 40-50 years old. Is jack just bad at looking at dead bodies, or were what we saw in season one. Think of it a revolving door of Adam and Eve’s replacing the old ones as they bodies detirioted. Or is the fact that this is the island and its different why the bodies didn’t detirote why they should normally?
Please let me know what you think, and if you think I’m crazy.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Candidate Review...Heartbreaking

Now that that’s done with. I can not believe they killed off Sun and Jin in one episode. That has to be one of the most shocking deaths I’ve ever seen even on this show.

To start at the very beginning, all week I heard lost sayings in other shows particularly “The Heart wants what the heart wants,” and “We have to go back” also after watching this episode Lost was specifically mentioned in a Modern Family episode so that was awesome.

We find out that John is a "candidate" for surgery. Perked my ears up. And then we find ourselves having a flashback of our own as our losties are taken back to the cages, and I totally understand why Sawyer didnt want to go back in, I mean seriously they spent way too long in those cages.

We then see Bernard being a dentist, claiming Jack was hitting on rose…lol…which how does he remember a patient from 3 years ago. And why would he be treating both john and his father after a plane crash...speaking of we finally see Anthony Cooper, who is a shadow of his former self. I kept wondering what Sawyer would do when those two meet up, if they meet up. At this point with 3 episodes left, I don’t think they will, and I’m ok with that.

Claire meets back with anti locke and already becomes under his influence…at first, at the very end of the episode she seemed appalled and horrified that everyone was dead, something she wouldn’t have been before she came back into contact with the other losties.

We next come to John Locke in bed recovering from surgery, murmuring: "Push the Button, wish you would have believed me.” Locke was so getting that makes me think was that desmonds plan all along?

And then we come to Kate getting shot. I’m sure plenty of Lost fans cheered but I didn’t…I yelled at the TV. I hope she survives because my theory in the end is that she will be the one to save them all and be the hero in the end. But then again Jack has been taking the hero mantle up again a lot. And so has Hurley in the last few episodes, but he seems pretty devastated by all of the death surrounding them. But perhaps he will be the new Richard. And then there is Sawyer, who was such a great leader during the time flashes and in the 1970’s. But he has been a shadow of this self lately.

Next Anti Locke…why did nothing happen to him when he was pushed in the water? He has said that he can’t touch water. He has an aversion to it. And can’t just turn into smoke and go across the ocean. But nothing happened!!! Ok he did look maybe a little weakened. But he didn’t melt. Ok maybe I’m thinking a little too much wicked wise and the wizard of oz, but he is evil…pure evil. Which is what Damon and Carlton said in an interview that was published right after this episode aired.

Anti Locke is evil, pure evil - if anyone doubts it now they are crazy, “Because now you know this show is willing and capable of killing anyone,” they say. I agree with them. We thought we knew this before they have killed one person in an episode but never 3 in one episode or 4.

A note on the number of deaths: Sayid, Sun and Jin are all confirmed of course, but in no article that I read was Lapidus mentioned as being dead. He could of course be dead. But we have no real confirmation, and I think he deserved more then being knocked unconsciousness.

After all most of the main characters who have died on this show have gotten their moments Sayid sacrifices himself for everyone else and gains his redemption for killing so many people. But not before saying to Jack:

“SAYID [to Jack]: Listen carefully. There's a well on the main island, half mile south from the camp we just left. Desmond's inside it. Locke wants him dead, which means you're going to need him. Do you understand me?
JACK: Why are you telling me this?
SAYID: Because it's going to be you, Jack

That to me is one big, huge moment for Sayid, and really advances the story line and points to Jack as being the one to replace Jacob. I’ve been thinking a lot about Jack this week, his beginnings, his journey on the island, faith vs. science. Live together die alone. And the more I think about it the more I think that he may be the one to replace Jacob. He has made a tremendous journey from season one to know, he has made a full circle, coming back to the island. But in ways it’s not a circle, he’s flipped from being a man of science to a man of faith. Before he would have needed to diffuse that bomb, or try and logically talk Richard out of killing himself. Now he talks about faith that the bomb won’t blow up. In a lot of ways its Sawyer who has become the Jack of Season 1, I’m not sure if that’s progression or regression for sawyer, but it is a change.

Jack on the other hand has become the flip of himself, as my friend Dan would say it’s all apart of the mobius strip of Jacks character. He’s on a journey, and is now on the flip side of where he began.

Getting back to the dead characters, Jin and Sun definitely had their moment, they have been reunited at last, they are crying, I was crying, if you have emotions you were crying. It was a mirror image to Titanic, except they both died, a much sadder ending then Sayid. And I personally think Hurley was crying more for them then Sayid. Why: Lets see, he was friends with Jin, he was there right after Ji Yeon was born for Sun, and he just seemed closer to them. Though he did have some great moments in season one with Sayid.

Getting back to Ji Yeon….why in the world did they not mention her? I checked the scripts…no mention of Ji Yeon. The have now left her parentless to be raised by her grandparents, one of which is a ruthless owner of a company which has done a lot of bad things. I would have smacked Jin in the face if I had been sun and told him to go take care of Ji Yeon, but that’s just me.

It is because Lapidus that I do not believe that he is dead. He may be dead, but we just haven’t seen the actual death yet.

Of course right after I got done crying because of the double Jin/Sun death we come to the alternate world, and Locke sees Jin, does a double take and I cry because we see Jin again.

So now there are four: Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley. Who knew at the beginning of the series that they would be our four that are left…to be the good guys at least. However…Claire is still in the picture I believe, she seemed horrified at the deaths of her friends on the sub, and doesn’t seem to be real taken with Anti Locke right now. And like they say: “Blood is thicker then water.” And Jack is Blood. So in the end I think we will raise our number back up to 5.

I can not wait till the next episode, but I also realize that there are only 3 episodes left before it will all be over, and I’m not ready for that to happen yet.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Last Recruit: is who exactly?

For me the Last Recruit brought up more questions then answers. But first we got the show down we had been waiting for Jack vs. Anti Luck. The winner? I don’t really know. It seemed more like a stale mate then anything else with no real clear winner.

We did however get some interesting information from this conversation for one anti Locke said that john had to be dead before he could look like him. And next he had been Christian Shephard the whole time. Which at first made sense for me but then that does not explain other appearances off island. How do we explain that??

We know Smokey can not go over water as Smokey, but can as a man, that’s he traveled to the other island. So how is it that the image of Christian Shephard appeared off island? Was that a ghost? Or maybe it was a projection of Jacob? Similar entities similar abilities perhaps?

Then there is the whole “Christian Shephard” held Aaron part, which really freaks me out. Since a lot of the focus has been on hands and touching anti Locke this season does that mean that Aaron is evil?? Of course he didn’t really do so voluntarily so does that make a difference? Maybe he just touched the blanket and not the baby’s face? I can’t really remember.

Also Claire refers to her friend and her dad as keeping her company on the island for three years…that’s two different people. Why would she refer to them as such if she knew that MIB was pretending to be Christian Shephard?

As well remember Eloise Hawking made Jack take dead Locke with him. Did she know what would happen? Was she in league with Smokey the whole time?

All I know is that for me the whole Christian Shephard issue is far from over, there are just too many outlying factors to deal with yet.

The next interesting moment happened in the flash side ways when Claire said "Its him, its him" what does that mean, did she see something? All in all the sideways universe was interesting; I liked how this week we had a multi centric alt universe storyline. After all we are getting closer and closer to the finale, this may be the easiest way to finish up all of the story telling.

We are also seeing people mention they are running into each other more – sawyer even mentions it in the episode to Kate, and I think that’s the point. We got Sun, Jin and Locke running into each other, Kate Sawyer and Miles, Illana, Claire, Desmond, and Jack, and finally Jack and Locke all interacting with each other in their alt universes.

Next we finally get Claire and Jack talking to each other and realizing that Claire knows that Jack is her brother, how anti Locke would have known that im not sure, except for the fact that he seems to have some memories of John Locke, so he must have had some memories of Christian Shephard. She also says something very interesting about anti Locke. "You decided the moment you let him talk to you, just like the rest of us. Like it or not your with him now." I’m not so sure about that, after all Jack, Kate, and Sawyer all seem to be very wary of Anti Locke and they have all talked with him. I don’t really think they are with him.

I think Claire and Sayid are with him, mainly because they were infected. But I think in this episode Claire and Sayid were starting to not feel his influence as much, especially Claire. She is with friends now, and seems to be really with them even though she did say, “If John finds out, he’s going to be mad.” And I really do hope that she has turned to the light side.

Speaking of the light side, nice reference to the dark side and star wars on Hurley’s part. I love it when they put in star wars references into Lost.

We also got confirmation that Desmond is alive for now. The throw down the well did not kill him, as well that was not the same well as we have seen before on the island, different location all together...unless of course this is a continuity error.

The next interesting moment comes from jack when he says leaving the island doesn’t feel right, maybe it’s afraid of what happens when we stay – an interesting idea which I like, but I still believe some people deserve to leave the island as well.

Back in the alt universe we learn that Sun’s baby is alive, which how does a baby survive a gun shot to the stomach? Still not clear on that. We then see Jack operating on Alt Locke. And there we see are one and only mirror of the episode when Jack looks down into one to see Locke on the table. Other then that real mirror there were no mirrors, or reflections in this episode, however the characters were kind of mirroring themselves from alt universe to real universe in this episode.

But as always it seems with this season the real story line is more interesting then the alt universe and this week we finally get the Jin and Sun reunion that we have been waiting for since the very end of season 4 when they were torn apart. It was emotional and bitter sweet, and did not last as long as I would have liked especially since it looked like Zoey and her team from Widmore are going to execute them all. Argh!

Jack arrives back on the main island after jumping from the boat with the rest of our losties on it and arrives just in time for bombs to go exploding and for those really cool sound affects. Jack seems to have lost consciousness and anti Locke comes up to him and says "Your with me now.” Really?? Are you sure??

The last question up in the air this week is whether Desmond is dead or not now. Anti Locke has Sayid kill him, but after Desmond talks with Sayid and tells him “What will you tell her, on why she’s alive again.” I think that hit something in him, made him think. Perhaps brought the humanity back into him. Perhaps he is turning to the light side of the force as well.

But after all is said and done it still feels like last weeks promo - I don’t know where we are going, and what is happening. And I wonder is there any other way the writers can make me more confused then I am now?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Everybody Loves Hugo review

Everybody Hates Hugo, no Everybody Loves Hugo. This week’s episode’s started with showing us again how very different this alternate world is, how upside down it is. Hugo is the happiest person in the work, the luckiest person in the world, he has never been in a mental institution, and he’s happy…except his mother thinks he’s unhappy because he doesn’t have a woman. Got to love Hurley’s mom. But even with all of the interesting parts of the alternate reality and the great connections that were made, especially with Desmond pushing Hurley towards a certain future, and with the great moments of Libby and Hurley. I was not expecting to see her in this episode. Looking back I am seeing more importance in the alt reality, but I still prefer the current time line.

The current timelines story was riveting, intriguing and ghostly…ok I threw that one in. Ghost Michael shows up on the island as Hurley is talking to Libby’s grave and says "I'm here to stop you from getting everyone killed" - Michael - darn you ABC for spoiling him in last weeks promo.

However what was not spoiled for me or I think anyone else was Illana’s end, where she got her artz moment and blew up while handling dynamite. And I and everyone else started asking. WHAT IN THE HECK DOES THIS MEAN??

Ok yes it does mean that she’s dead, that is obvious, but there was so much more promise and expectation to the character. She is the person who is supposed to know what to do; she is the person who is supposed to protect the losties. And I have a really hard time believing that Jacob would let the woman he thought of as his daughter just die like that. Several weeks ago I was spoiled/foiled to the fact that Jacob would be Illanas father, but apparently that was changed, to he was the closest thing she had to a father. And I keep wondering if this character is so important, then why die like that? Is it as Ben said, the island was done with her? I would hate to think that that was it. I’m very conflicted on her death, it was entirely unexpected and unnecessary, it didn’t really have emotional resonance, and she didn’t get to do what she was supposed to do. Will she come back as a ghost to Hurley and guide him that way? Or will she be a ghost that is not trapped on this island.

Which leads me into the whole whispers reveal. According to Michael…and finally realize by Hurley, (which how as a ghost talking dude has he not realized this sooner) the whispers are of ghosts who are stuck on this island and who can’t move on. It surprised me that this was not presented to us as a major reveal. After all it has been something people have been having questions on since season one, instead I like how they just slipped it in there, not everything has to be a major reveal.
However I question why do they whisper in the first place? Are they trying to warn people or give them messages? I did not have the time this week to go back into the transcripts, but it would be interesting to do so. After all as Hurley said, “dead people are more reliable then alive people.”

Another interesting point in this story was that Hurley lied, Hurley Never Lies!! But he does this time to make people listen to him (I had a half page of notes on this on whether Jacob was really there until Hurley admitted he was lying) darn you Hurley. Then he went and blew up the Black Rock, definitely and unexpected move. And then decides that they need to go talk to anti Locke, I love take charge Hurley, but I’m really uncertain as to if this is the right move for the group as the better. However it has been said that once MIB makes a promise he can’t go back on it, and he did promise Hurley that he wouldn’t hut anyone.

A quick note on the alt universe story for Hurley, one of the best lines of this season was said in it by Hurley “Bizarro alternate Universe.” I love how the writers use Hurley as a character that really channels the fans and the Lost community.
I LOVED how Desmond pushed Hurley towards Libby to get him to remember and how her kiss triggered his flash of the island. His plan is to slightly push people in the right direction to seeing the other side - genius because he's not entirely interfering with their lives, but just giving slight suggestions and pushes - very Jacob like. But then he later does something very un Jacob like. HE RUNS OVER ALT. UNIVERSE LOCKE. One of the few people I cared about in the alternate universe, because A. he’s Locke, and B. he’s finally happy and doing something he’s good at. But why does Desmond want to run over Locke? It keeps running in my brain that perhaps he saw something in his flashes of anti Locke and thinks that this Locke may be one in the same. Or he believes by destroying Locke he will destroy the body of anti-Locke, but I’m really unsure as to how he would know this.

Staying on the Desmond track he looked way to complacent strapped to that tree, doesn’t know who anti Locke is and touched anti Locke!! Something is way more up with him then just accepting his fate. There has to be more then this then there is. Or am I over thinking it?

We see the strange looking boy again, and he does look a bit different, but think on this we now know that Desmond, Sawyer, and anti Locke can all see him? Does this mean something? We know Richard can’t see him. What enables a person to see him? It can’t be a candidate issue since Desmond is not a candidate nor has ever been one that we know of.

Last but not least Desmond down a Well. He can not be dead!! All I know about next weeks preview was the creepy Willy Wonka music; I was too busy writing notes. All I can say is if he is dead that would be a really bad end to his character and his story line, there is still too much work for him to do, and too many things for him to do, I can not imagine that the island is done with him.

A great solid episode, interesting....was good, but became great at the end.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lost: Happily Ever After....or not???

Another fantastic episode of Lost this week as we delve into Happily Ever After, Desmond episodes are always so interesting and exciting. He has always been a favorite character of mine and the rest of the fan base, and what is the first thing that happens to him when he comes back, he’s put in a box with two electromagnetic coils. I keep wondering if that thing has a name.
We soon find out that it puts his consciousness into the alt reality. Or does it? He doesn’t seem to be aware right away of what’s going on or of the real time line. We soon learn he is not married to Penny or anyone else, and works for Widmore. Not only does he work for him, he actually likes him, and Widmore likes him back!!! Of all the alternate reality’s that we have seen so far, this is the one that I would say is the most complete opposite of how the person is in the real time line.
But the one thing that is still getting to me after all this time really popped up with this episode. THE TIME LINE!!!
If the incident sunk the island in 1977 as we have been led to believe this whole time then how in the world did Widmore get off that Island, same with Eloise, and Daniel since she was pregnant with him at the time. They should not be alive if the island just sunk! Of course we don’t know really if it took some time to sink of if it just sunk.
What it looked like to me was that when the bomb went off near the electromagnetic energy, the island flashed to the bottom of the ocean. After all what we saw in the premiere was an island that looked a lot like it did when it was above ground, just a little wetter.
In fact over the course of the season we have seen a lot of people that have been off island alive in the real world when they should have been nice and dead on the island because of the incident if it happened in a flash like I am supposing, this list also includes Ethan Goodspeed/Rom and Benjamin Linus.
I have a few theories as to why this is occurring, and they had better answer this question I have on the time line.
1. the island did not immediately sink when the bomb went off bet went on a slow sinking kind of like the titanic, but that doesn’t explain how we saw everything at the bottom of the ocean in near perfect condition.
2. There is a mention on the swan hatch door of another incident or event in 1985. it doesn’t say what happened but perhaps because a new incident happened in 1977, something different and worse happened in 1985 to sink the island. Far off but its something.
3. In the orientation video for the swan Candle seemed to indicate that the incident occurred shortly after the Swan station began operations, but as we saw it happened during the construction process. However it is worth noting as Lostpedia does that “Pierre Chang alluded to (that the station was "originally" a laboratory used for research), the Swan's protocol was established during the construction of the Swan itself due to the workers drilling into the magnetic energy field. This would seem to suggest that there wasn't even a brief period of time that the Swan was used for its original research purpose. However, it's not clear yet whether or not this is the same mysterious Incident that Chang spoke of.”
So what actually happened? Did changing the time of the incident affect the timeline of the island? Because it happened during construction things were worse off?? That still doesn’t explain how people who should have been killed in the explosion and or sinking of the island are still alive. Any ideas??
Another problem Charlie’s explanation of his vision that he saw in the plane while chocking. He says he saw Kate two rows in front of him before hand, but Kate is at no time that close to him, picky I know, but still. CONTINUTIY ERROR.
I loved that it was Charlie’s hand that triggered Desmond’s flash of the island and finally discovering what was going on. It made me believe the more flashes he got that this time line does matter. Desmond now has a plan, and in this reality he has the resources to go through with the plan. I now see him going to ever 815er and trying to convince them that this is not where they all belong. I’m not sure what else he can do, but perhaps now that his two selves seem to be linked he will slowly discover what he needs to do.
It helps that he ran into a lot of people in his alt reality, and the Eloise interaction was the most interesting, she says the iconic words, “What ever happened, happened” of course this is in regards to him not getting drive shaft, but still. Then she goes all time cop mode, and it makes me wonder does she have the same position that she did in the original reality? How did she get that position in the first place? Is it a gift that Jacob gave her? That Widmore is the leader and she is the time cop? Or what ever we want to call it.
I love that Daniel is a musician in this reality, in some ways it fulfills his promise that he can do both math and music at the same time. we get his notebook once again, and his explanation of the flashes, plus the actual words on paper “Imaginary time” which is what I firmly believe we are dealing with now.
And now a “brief” definition of Imaginary Time from Wikipedia, there is no dictionary definition
In quantum mechanics
Imaginary time is obtained from real time via a Wick rotation by in the complex plane: . It can be shown that at finite temperature T, the Green's functions are periodic in imaginary time with a period of . Therefore their Fourier transforms contain only a discrete set of frequencies called Matsubara frequencies. Another way to see the connection between statistical mechanics and quantum field is to consider the transition amplitude between an initial state I and a final state F. H is the Hamiltonian of the system. If we compare this with the partition function we see that to get the partition function from the transition amplitudes we can replace , set F = I = n and sum over n. This way we don't have to do twice the work by evaluating both the statistical properties and the transition amplitudes. Finally by using a Wick rotation one can show that the Euclidean quantum field theoryin (D + 1)-dimensional spacetime is nothing but quantum statistical mechanics in D-dimensional space.
[edit]In cosmology
One might think this means that imaginary numbers are just a mathematical game having nothing to do with the real world. From the viewpoint of positivist philosophy, however, one cannot determine what is real. All one can do is find which mathematical models describe the universe we live in. It turns out that a mathematical model involving imaginary time predicts not only effects we have already observed but also effects we have not been able to measure yet nevertheless believe in for other reasons. So what is real and what is imaginary? Is the distinction just in our minds? Stephen Hawking
Imaginary time is also used in cosmology. It is used to describe models of the universe in physical cosmology. Stephen Hawkingpopularized the concept of imaginary time in his book A Brief History of Time.

The relationship of real and imaginary time can be visualised as perpendicular axes of direction.
Imaginary time is difficult to visualize. If we imagine "regular time" as a horizontal line running between "past" in one direction and "future" in the other, then imaginary time would run perpendicular to this line as the imaginary numbers run perpendicular to the real numbers in thecomplex plane. However, imaginary time is not imaginary in the sense that it is unreal or made-up — it simply runs in a direction different from the type of time we experience. In essence, imaginary time is a way of looking at the time dimension as if it were a dimension of space: you can move forward and backward along imaginary time, just like you can move right and left in space.
The concept is useful in cosmology because it can help smooth out gravitational singularities in models of the universe (see Hartle-Hawking state). Singularities pose a problem for physicists because these are areas where known physical laws do not apply. The Big Bang, for example, appears as a singularity in "regular time." But when visualized with imaginary time, the singularity is removed and the Big Bang functions like any other point in spacetime.
Does anyone understand that? The most important part is this: Imaginary time is difficult to visualize. If we imagine "regular time" as a horizontal line running between "past" in one direction and "future" in the other, then imaginary time would run perpendicular to this line as the imaginary numbers run perpendicular to the real numbers in thecomplex plane. However, imaginary time is not imaginary in the sense that it is unreal or made-up — it simply runs in a direction different from the type of time we experience. In essence, imaginary time is a way of looking at the time dimension as if it were a dimension of space: you can move forward and backward along imaginary time, just like you can move right and left in space.
The science lesson is now over, now on to the heart strings part of this episode. PENNY!!!! I was so thankful they brought her back, hey they brought dominic back to lost from Flash Forward, thy could by well bring Sonya Wagner back as well…and they did. Thank you ABC for that, now bring back Pushing Daisies as well. It wasn’t as emotional of a scene as the one in the constant, but it was as fulfilling, because it brought everything together and brought us back to the stadium, the same place where Desmond met Jack. It also seemed to make the final connections between the alt realtiy and the real time line. After he touched Penny’s hand he was flung back to the real time line, and he knew everything and trusted Widmore for the first time in his life. He even took his hand to get up. Yes, Nancy Drew, your hands popped again, but for me they are a symbol of trusting someone to touch them, that is all.
At the very end of the episode however I have a problem. Something is very very wrong with Desmond. He agrees to go with Sayid, willingly. When Desmond should know not to trust him? Why does he do that? In an interview Henry Ian Cusiak says that he believes Desmond went with him, because Desmond has a purpose now, and believes that whatever he does will lead him to that. I’m not so sure on that, it just seems that Desmond is WAY too trusting at the end of this episode, and something just makes me feel that him going with Sayid is a very bad thing.
Next episode: Everyone Loves Hugo!! This should be interesting